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We're the premier supplier of lumber products, EWP, hardware and building components (Truss), both roof and floor, to the residential and commercial builder market throughout Arizona. Serving custom home, multi-tract and multi-family projects, we have the most experienced people in Arizona.

Alliance prides itself in being a diverse company that encourages employee growth within the company through programs such as on the job training, cross training, safety as well as many others. We a large company yet small enough that we act as a family.

We often look to give to our communities. In the past we have did this through providing raw goods on projects and fundraisers.

We are looking for dependable employees with a good attitude and the desire to contribute to our team.

The hiring process is streamlined, the applicant applies, we review the application. If we decide to move forward we will do an in person interview. If we decide you are a good match we will send the applicant for a drug screen, once the drug screen is passed we schedule orientation immediately.

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Phoenix, AZ 85024

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