Pipeline AZ is Your Resource for Talent

Pipeline AZ is the premier platform for organizations looking to plan and build their long-term talent pipeline. By partnering with Pipeline AZ, organizations can ensure they have the right people in the right roles at the right time, driving business success and growth.

Own Your Industry

Pipeline AZ Industry Hubs provide organizations with unrivaled access to top talent within your specific industry.

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Unparalleled Connections

Our unique public and private partnerships in every county in Arizona give you access to a diverse pool of top talent.

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Building for the Long Term

Pipeline AZ is built to ensure long-term talent success. From training and work-based experience programs to free posts for specific job roles, Pipeline AZ is engineered to help you build talent pipelines, not just short-term talent pools.

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Arizona’s Workforce, Connected

Our unique relationships allow job seekers to start building their career plans from an early age, providing employers with the opportunity to tap into those talent pipelines and begin connecting with Arizonans as they are just starting their career paths.

With over 100,000 users and connections across the Arizona Department of Education and community colleges throughout the state.

Partnering with Pipeline AZ ensures that organizations have access to the best and brightest talent in Arizona, positioning them for success now and in the future.

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Customized Talent Solutions

While job posting and employer profiles are always free, Pipeline AZ also fully customizes sponsorship packages for our partners.

From sponsored career paths to branded day-in-the-life videos, we're committed to designing a custom sponsorship plan that aligns with your organization's specific needs and talent goals.

Contact us today to start designing your talent sponsorship plan.

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Meet Our Board

Jim Rounds

President Rounds Consulting

Heather Carter

Executive Vice President, Greater Phoenix Leadership

Gregg Ghelfi

Business Development Officer, Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority

Chris Camacho

President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Dean Duncan

Senior Director of Strategy, Partnership for Economic Innovation

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Our expert team is here to consult on your talent needs and help you build a long-term talent pipeline. Contact us today and let us help you connect with top talent in Arizona.