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About AZ Healthcare Careers

Pipeline AZ and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), Arizona’s Medicaid Agency, have partnered to provide holistic career planning resources to healthcare students and build a larger healthcare workforce through AZ Healthcare Careers.

AZ Healthcare Careers provides a central point of truth for healthcare careers, eliminating the need for multiple channels and sources of information. This allows for greater efficiency and accuracy in finding and pursuing career opportunities. This helps employers build their long-term talent pipeline while offering greater mobility within the healthcare field.

AZ Healthcare Careers Mission

Empowering Arizona's Healthcare Workforce.

Our mission is to build Arizona's healthcare workforce through empowerment. By connecting job seekers, students, education and training partners, and healthcare providers, we provide accessible, relevant, and realistic tools and resources to connect to meaningful healthcare roles. Our commitment is to create pathways for success from entry-level positions to advanced in-demand healthcare roles, enhancing the healthcare landscape.

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AZ Healthcare Careers is also a long-term workforce development strategy, as it connects to career and educational training programs at the college and K-12 levels.

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Meet the AZ Healthcare Careers Team

Bill Kennard

Administrator Office of Healthcare Workforce Development

AHCCCS (Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System)

Selena McDonald

AZAHP Workforce Lead

Workforce Development Administrator, Banner University Family Care

Kate Lemke

Director of Pathways Development

Pipeline AZ

Our Partners

Pipeline AZ uses skills mapping technology to help students and job seekers begin a new career path, level-up in their existing careers, explore work or work-based learning opportunities and discover new passions that ignite their career trajectory.
For employers, Pipeline AZ is a valuable recruiting tool that features high-quality candidate matching, free job posting, and access to long-term career pipelines via partnerships with Arizona’s education systems.
Arizona-based career readiness non-profit partners use Pipeline AZ as a case management platform with career pathing, candidate messaging, and resume building functionality.

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